Rollercoaster -PA

4/5/02 -- A new park review
Again, I thought I was going to have more things to post eariler, but instead, school started to bog me down. It looks like the worst of it is over now, so expect to see more regular updates. For today, I've added my review of "Islands of Adventure". It's in the Parks section.

2/3/02 -- Knoebel's Added
Sorry for the months of nothing at all. Here's what is going down:

1)Knoebel's // Phoenix reviews are up
2)"Unofficial Hersheypark Guide" project is on hold indefinitely
3)I'm heading down to Florida later this week -- IOA // Hulk // Dragons reviews will be up soon after I get back.

11/22/01 -- Nothing new, just wanted to keep you guys updated
I'm still working on the items from the previous update, but I've been swamped with school work. Between homework, tests, and district band, I have had very little time to work on the updates. Sorry -- they are coming.

10/22/01 -- Long time -- not much news
Well, the soccer season here has come to a close and school is starting to settle in. That means actual content for this site! Imagine that! On the immediate "to do" list are...
-Knoebel's Review
-Phoenix / Twister Reviews
-The "Unofficial Hersheypark Guide"

9/8/01 -- Update
First off, my apologies for not updating the site in weeks. I've been extremely busy with school/band/soccer and I barely have time to do my homework and manage to get 6 hours of sleep. Hopefully, I will be able to start doing more regular updates in a little bit. I've added a preview of Hersheypark's water coaster coming in 2002. Nothing major, just a basic analysis of the information they provided. Click here for the page.

8/18/01 -- Small update
I added the last "At the Park" and made some minor adjustments to the site. Next up -- a preview of Hersheypark's new 2002 attraction!

8/13/01 -- Lack of updates
You might be wondering where all these "promised updates" are. Well, I just added the last set of "On the Job"s. The next update will be the last set of "At the Park"s. As for when that will be; it's hard to say. Right now, I have lots of other things going on. Once school starts, I should actually get to update MORE than right now. Enjoy the last set of "On the Job"s!

8/09/01 -- Finally...
Hersheypark has just announced that they will be building a Setpoint Swing Thing for the 2002 season! Head on over to their site for the details. By the way, who had the info about this ride ahead of time? Me. I'll be updating with the last "on the jobs" and "at the parks" soon.

7/26/01 -- Update
First off, I added my good friend's review of Six Flags: Darien Lake. I also went back and redid the reviews, changing some pictures, correct grammar, etc. Finally, I did away with the old rides page and put up the new one. I also completely scrapped the "previews" section because, not only are those rides already built, but the previews I did were pretty lame. Have fun with the new reviews!

7/22/01 -- Small, but very cool, update
I added another addition of "So, you wanna be a ride-op?". This one features two less exciting rides, but still gives a good look at their operation. The article can be found in the inside Hersheypark section. Have fun!